Welcome to the world of lego-inspired entertainment

About Us

Our family loves Legos. As we searched the Bay Area for Lego parties and delivery services, to our surprise there was little available. So began our quest to remedy this situation and make Lego parties deliverable for all to enjoy. 

My name is Shay Maiden and I started this business with fun in mind, but also an outlet for children to be creative with activities in our Lego town. We have something for every imagination, the pilot, doctor, parking attendant, movie theatre hostess, race car driver, dog walker, nurse, train conductor, the list is endless. 

Our family has been in the Bay Area since 2003, Napa since 2005. We build with Legos weekly, and enjoy every minute of it. We also camp, play with our dogs, take long walks, ride bikes, and watch baseball.

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